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Lumetta Inc.

Art Director 2005-2017

Responsible for the overall visual image of the company. Considered the “Face of Lumetta”. Part of a successful team that doubled the company’s revenue in the first five years..

Designed and developed top selling Shadow Collection

Lumetta Website

Developed and designed a robust website with a strong foundation that became the backbone for the company.  Link to Lumetta Website

Directed the making of three catalogs which were in high demand as valuable tools for driving sales and inspiring clients.   View Catalogs


Product Developement

Managed multiple phases of prototyping to create dozens of new light fixtures, many of which became top sellers. 


Oversaw production of brochures and postcards: set marketing goals, directed design, shot photos, wrote copy, managed printing  View Brochures

Production Art

Fulfilled orders for custom imagery: met objectives of interior designers, prepared art for production, proofed, insured quality control.


Sales Kit

Designed, sourced, budgeted, managed a sales tool that raised the industry norm.  Included fan books of actual materials nested in a clamshell box.

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